“ I had the great fortune to hire Roger to fill an open position in my growing software publishing company in 1994. Roger assumed the role with enthusiasm and vigor, always going far beyond what was asked or expected, contributing in every way he could and providing both great effort and wise counsel. He was never afraid of either a heavy workload or of taking a contrary position if he believed a proposed course of action would hurt the company or its customers, and I came to rely on his intellect and integrity. Roger always considered the company’s mission to be his own, and would use his extraordinary initiative to drive and deliver projects with little need for management guidance. During his tenure, Roger took on several key roles, and always exceeded the company’s expectations. He was a direct contributor to our stellar growth and the eventual successful sale of the company. I’ve rarely had the opportunity to work with someone of such caliber, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for any senior management role, nor would I hesitate to have him as an important part of any endeavor that was important to me. I wish Roger continued success in anything he takes on, with the full expectation that it will be accomplished with integrity, competence and enthusiasm. ”
Randy MacLean, CEO (retired)
Candel Inc.
FormGen Inc.
Gold Medallion Software, Inc.

“Roger is one of my favorite people and not just because I enjoy his company. He is a brilliant and intuitive business man. I 1st met Roger during my time at FUNimation Entertainment ( www.funimation.com), working on the Dragonball Z franchise. Roger was working for Infogrames Interactive at the time (which would later become Atari, Inc.) Through his licensing expertise and intuitive eye for “what sells” and “what works” Roger single handedly blazed the trail in bringing the Dragonball property to life in the interactive industry. Despite all it took to get Dragonball developed on GBA and later on console, I only respected Roger more when the Dragonball franchise exploded into Atari’s biggest franchise generating literally hundreds of millions of retail dollars and selling over 8 million units collectively to date. Since I left FUNimation and my partners and I started our production studio here in Dallas (www.mediajuicestudios.com), I have kept in touch with Roger and usually always pass critical communication pieces in front of him for his input, which is typically spot on. Case and point – when putting together our marketing materials for the studio, Roger was instrumental in helping us craft the right message, look and overall brand as a studio. There is no question of whether I would work with Roger in the future or trust him with my most important projects. He possesses the critical ingredients of intelligence, savvy, intuition and personality that when mixed creates the extraordinary successes he has brought to bear in his career. Roger is a gem that is rare in today’s marketplace. ”
Jeremy Snead, President, Mediajuice Studios, Ltd.

“Roger was an integral reason why FUNimation chose Infogrames (which became Atari) to work on the Dragon Ball Z project. Roger's passion for the gaming world and his drive for doing smart business sets him apart. ”
Bob Brennan, Director of Licensing, FUNimation Productions, Ltd.

“While working for Atari (a.k.a. GT Interactive), I witnessed Roger acquire some of the most popular licenses in the video game industry, most notably the Cartoon Network’s Dragon Ball Z animated television series. A series of Dragon Ball Z video games went on to sell millions of copies and become one of Atari’s best-selling titles. In addition, Roger was involved in the creation of original IP such as Dirt Track Racing and, Carnivores. Roger was also responsible for the revival of several classic licenses such as Beach Head and X-Men: Ravages of Apocalypse. Roger is one of the few people I know in the video game industry who is able to consistently predict which titles will be best sellers. He is also capable of seeing a great idea through from conception to execution. For the past 8 years in which I had the pleasure of working with Roger, his knowledge and input has proven invaluable for products across a wide range of platforms, from console systems such as the Nintendo Gameboy Advance and Sony Playstation, to mobile phones. We look forward to working with Roger again in the future. ”
Dr. Dana Dominiak, President, Webfoot Technologies, Inc

“I wouldn’t ever work with Roger Arias again. Unless, of course, I wanted a game to succeed in the marketplace. Unless I wanted to work with someone who recognizes good IP when he sees it. Unless I wanted an adviser who appreciates the subtleties of every game genre on the planet. Unless I wanted a producer who demands, and gets, the best out of a development team. Unless I needed a businessman who knows the market, the competition and what features will make a splash when the game goes to shelves. Unless I wanted a creative powerhouse to infuse my team with out-of-the-box ideas. OK, so maybe I would work with him again. In fact, … Hey Rog, what are you doing this afternoon? Let’s cook up a game! ”
Erik E. Stein, CEO, Screaming Games LLC.

“Roger has played an integral role in contributing to the success of Signature Device, Inc. He has a great mind for marketing and a work ethic that is unparalleled. While working with Signature Devices he managed the complex relationships and reconciled tasks of disparate industries brought together for a common cause. Roger was instrumental in helping us with a combined military training simulation by interfacing with the military and introducing processes and relationships that allowed work to move forward smoothly within a minimal budget. Roger has knowledge of the development process from top to bottom and any company would greatly benefit from his expertise in managing multiple projects. Roger also proved very versatile in that he was Director of Acquisitions at Destineer but also took on the responsibility of managing and salvaging the military project. We would welcome working with Roger in the future. ”
Kenneth L. Hurley, CEO, Signature Devices, Inc.